Your ​Secret Weapon For
Online Domination

​Explode yourself into a wider audience and bring your solution directly to the people asking for it.  

​​We work together to bridge the gap of missing solutions for existing problems

​Those people are already looking for you, to give them your solutions.

​You ​can keep bangin' your head against the wall trying to learn all the things you need to know to launch your campaign online - ​

​Landing page,

​Shopping carts, 

creative content, keyword research - 

​Sales Copy - 



​Pick an action taking solution ​for your sore head.

​You have 3 solutions to choose from besides Advil. ​You need to be clear about ​the product you bring to market, is a solution to a problem for the people.

What is their problem?
What is your solution? 

​Who else offers this solution?
Why is ​YOUR solution the best solution?
​What makes yours different to anyone else's?

What is your unique selling point?

​You'll know the answer to these questions ​before you implore these services offered! ​When you choose to work with ​me there might be times when I say 'That headline needs to be ​this...' or 'This part needs to say this...' or 'You need to charge more for your services...'​

You're paying for decade of expertise, so make the most of it.

​If you aren't ready to 'hear it' or 'own it' in your niche like you deserve - check in with me when you are ready - because  this is the way I work. ​​This is why we ​must be matchy matchy.

You will upgrade your thinking.

​First step from here on is pay for the ​artillery you want ​- you'll go to the next section where we discuss your ideas and outcome goals and make sure we match like the right ends of a magnet and from there - you will 1. Either get your money refunded in full if we are not a match or your product is illegal, unethical or deadly or  2. If you ​we the ​matchy matchy ​magnet type, you will be prompted to complete the next questionnaire so we can get started working together at the ​available date you select.

​My solution for you varies depending on who you are and what product / solution you are bringing to market. ​Whatever content creation I do for you is specific to your niche and you'll always have full ownership of it.

You ​​Author - I, ghostwriter. Make no mistake - a weapon is a weapon and should ​only be used with care and intent so choose wise and keep your desired outcome in mind 

​When a product or bonus gets ​created for you from you on your behalf - it's usually always coming from your content or transcription - your 'content repurposed' is what creates your bonuses. If you already have ideas for your bonuses we can collaborate on those.​

​This is the one time payment for our time working together. There are no hidden fees or recurring subscriptions - unless you want one.


KEYWORDS: Your clients are looking for you and they are already using search terms in google and bing to find you. ​If you don't know the words they are using to look for you, they ​will not see you. To discover your keywords is the ultimate ticket to online domination

LANDING PAGE: Where people come to buy your thing online. There's no other pages to access or 'links out' the landing page is written with sales 'copy' sometimes emotional direct response.

SALES COPY: The landing page or sales page uses sales copy to talk to the audience who ​used keywords to find you ​then 'clicked' to buy your thing. ​The quality of your sales copy will determine whether or not they end up buying it

​​EMOTIONAL DIRECT RESPONSE: No one wants to look away from this kind of copywriting it is compelling like a story you don't want to end because of ​an incredible and relatable journey through ​a pain of being stuck in ​a ​situation or problem, not knowing the way out or what to do next with a feeling of helplessless and no way out, until suddenly you find the ultimate most amazing thing offering you've ever seen and you realize it's PERFECT FOR YOU! You know wholeheartedly it will solve all of ​the problems you're ​facing at the moment and when you get it you finally see the light at the end of the tunnel - you feel and know there is a way out!

You BUY it.

You feel so happy! It's like ​pouncing through the endless field of daisies, ​talking to the animals - feeling like a you're gift to the planet... 

You ARE!


When ​we feel the solution offered is the best thing ever our response or reaction is usually to ​obtain the thing that is suggested ​- because we need it and we want it. ​Responsive copy will naturally allow ​the reader to go ​on the journey. Feel ​something,, BUY THE THING

ETHICAL WAY: Without Manipulating, From the heart, with kindness and generosity ​and a genuine desire to offer a service or solution that is beneficial to the humans and animals and plants and planet. Payments are refunded to the ones who want to work in a way that is anything other than ethical (and legal)

BONUS: Your ​BONUS product adds value to your main, original offer. These Bonuses can be workbooks, worksheets, swipe files, ebooks, checklists - the more you have the more value you will give to your client! Your Bonus products will come from your original content from audio or video and repurposed into an extra product for you to offer as a bonus

​The bonuses for your product are created on your behalf, with your name on it as the author.


Secret Weapon #1 


  • You bring the product BYO
  • ​Includes Edit
  • 1 Landing Page 
  • Sales Copy
  • ​OWN Your Shopping Cart
  • Email Support From Me


​Secret Weapon #2


  • ​Your Workbook/ Ebook Product ​Done For You
  • 1 hour transcribed and edited into your own amazing book product ​including all the images 
  • YOUR NAME on it
  • Email Support with me directly
  • ​3 BONUS' Products
    (​​Created For You)
  • ​1 Landing Page
  • Sales Copy
  • OWN Your Shopping Cart
  • Top 3 Keywords  
  • First 3 Auto Emails ​To Your List


​Secret Weapon #3


  • ​3 Hours of your audio or video content transcribed for you and edited ​into a book ​OR a series of 3 workbooks for your product/solution/course 
  • Includes all the images
  • Email Support with me directly
  • ​5 EXTRA BONUS' Products ​(Created For You)
  • ​1 Landing Page
  • Sales Copy
  • OWN Your Shopping Cart
  • Top 5 ​Keywords
  • First 5 Auto Emails ​To Your List
  • Sales Funnel Strategy Blueprint
  • ​1 on 1 POWER HOUR x 5hr


Know Your WHY!
Stay clear on ​your path, purpose ​and intention for online domination. ​You are ready to share your message and solution with the people in a clear and concise way! They want your product. Finally you can deliver it with ease.

Understand the limitless potential of having a landing page with a clear call to action in a method of sales writing that compels your reader to identify with the solution you offer.

​Be the online marketing weapon of your dreams if you choose


90 day Content Calendar For Social VALUE: $COACHING

​This calendar ​tells you every post you will make for the next 90 days on social media. After the first 90 days you can flip it and reverse it - recreate while you replicate the fomula with a different spin each time - this is a printable resource and has ​LIMITLESS uses! You hadn't thought of doing this stuff. See it to believe it. I wish I had ​this when I was starting out on the platforms. Cool and innovative resource.



​Marketing Blueprint Portal MEMBERSHIP


​I teach you everything I know - how I discovered it, why I use it, how I use it, when I use it and why​ on earth I do this. You ​can replicate ​these marketing trainings and formula over and over and over again ​to get your webpage on the first page of google.

You will understand ​a ​formula that will absolutely blow your mind and it will all just click​​ -

You become the weapon

​Bonus 3 FREE

​90 Day Biz Bang Book

VALUE: $9​99

Video Trainings and Printable Workbook

​90 days ​using this book and videos ​like your personal trainer in marketing. Reach your ​goals with these easy steps. Checklists make it easy to tick it off each day - ​USE AGAIN and again!

Empowerment is inevitable ​

You'll level up every time you use it

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